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Niamh’s Grey-Scale Portrait Challenge


Can you create a portrait?

A grey-scale portrait is a real-life drawing of someone or something like a person or an animal, and it is done using GREY PENCIL ONLY.

It’s time for yet another challenge for you guys. Create a portrait of yourself and show off your art skills. You can draw yourself, your family, your friend or anyone else but you can’t use pen. You can make it as detailed as you like. Remember proportions and perspective. Also, you can’t cheat by using a stencil. This your chance to shine so try and have a go. Bring in entries to school and I will photograph them and put them on the blog. Thank you.



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Art Competition – Drawing


Can you show off your technical drawing skills by drawing either an animal or a car for Nightingales Art competition. Please remember no tracing and remember to take a picture of your drawing and upload it onto the blog using the button below. Good luck. Winners will be chosen on Friday 29th of September. Your family may help you if you wish but make sure they are all your own ideas.

Art Competition Drawing

  • Upload your picture using the 'choose file' button.
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