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Calculating Volume Maths Games


Follow these links to play games on calculating volume.

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Maths Starter


Give everyone a number 1, 2, or 3.

Then show them this picture and see who can calculate the volume the quickest. You find the area by multiplying the length by width, then you multiply this by the height. Remember to check your units. Good luck.

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How many Squares can you find in this picture?

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Equation PUZZLE


Can you place the numbers 1 to 9 in the missing squares to make this Equation complete?

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Can you make the total 135 using the numbers:

1,  3,  12,  10,  2,   25,  5

Whats the longest word you can make from the letters:

E   L   S   A   H   T   R   P



Who can work out this problem?

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Here are some volume questions following on from our maths lesson today. You may use a calculator to help you if you wish. Remember Length x Width x Height = Volume

Also remember to answer using the correct units.

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Maths Starter – Maths ‘M’ Words


How many maths vocabulary words can you think of that start with the letter M?

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531360 MATHS FUN



Three consecutive numbers multiplied together give the answer five hundred and thirty one thousand, three hundred and sixty.

What are they?


If you don’t know what consecutive means, use a dictionary or ask a friend.

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Play your cards right GAME


Everyone enjoyed the probability lesson we did using play your cards right. I have copied a link to the game below in case you want to play with your friends or with people at home. Enjoy.


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Countdown – Numbers


Can you make the Total 122 using these numbers

2   3   5   10   15   6   8

You can only use each number once


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Kirans Quiz


Can you complete this quiz done by Kiran. Good luck, it’s not easy.

  1. 6 divided by 3 multiplied by 1026
  2. 3 multiplied by 6 divided 3
  3. If X = 6 then what is the answer to the following? 6 + X squared – 14
  4.  2+5 squared
  5. Make 66 using the number 3. You can use all four operations and you can use 3 more than once.

Goodluck….remember not to use a calculator

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