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History Homework


Can you use the Viking ‘Runes’ to write your full name? I look forward to seeing them. Remember to write your name in big font in the centre of the page. I will put up the nice ones on the Viking wall at school. Thank you.

What are you doing during the Christmas holidays?


Let me know what you are getting up to during the Christmas holidays.

Are you going to see any family or friends?

Are you going away?

Are you spending Christmas at home?

These are just some questions to get you going. I look forward to reading them.

Do you know any Christmas jokes?


If you get any funny jokes in your Christmas crackers this year, make sure you post them so we can laugh too

What is your favourite Christmas Song?


Let me know what your favourite song is…

What would you like for Christmas?


Let me know what you would like for Christmas…

Ordering decimals maths games


Follow the links to play games that will test your decimal number skills.

Country Anagrams


Can you guess which countries are hidden in these anagrams?











Spellings for the test on the 3.11.17












Marley’s Football Predictions for weekend 21.10.17


These games are being played on the weekend of the 21.10.17. Please give your predictions of what you think the results will be. Remember there will be a winner each week, it will be the person who gets the most predictions correct.

Chelsea VS Watford

Swansea VS Leicester

Southampton VS West Brom

Stoke VS Bournemouth

Man City VS Burnley

Newcastle VS Crystal Palace

Manchester United VS Huddersfield

Create your own game…


Create your own game for your friends to play. Make sure you tell them how to play and the rules. Remember, be as creative as you can. I look forward to playing them.

Dragon drawing


This is a drawing that Niamh(10) did today in school. Let her know what you think of her drawing. Remember to be polite and constructive with your feedback.

KAYAK Wordsearch


Can you find the word KAYAK in this word search?

Marley’s Football Predictions

  • Can you predict the scores for these games that are taking place this weekend? Entries after the 13th of October will not be accepted. Marley will be awarding a prize every Monday for the person who’s got the most correct predictions. GOOD LUCK.
    Liverpool VS Manchester United

Burnley VS West Ham United

Crystal Palace VS Chelsea

Manchester City VS Stoke City

Swansea City VS Huddersfield Town

Tottenham Hotspur VS AFC Bournemouth

Watford VS Arsenal

Nandini’s Backwards Word Challenge!


Hey everybody, feeling bored? Well do this backwards challenge. All you have to do is try and make your own sentence  but all the words has to be backwards! If you found that easy then you could make your own secret code up for us to solve. Remember to have a good time! DOOG KCUL (backwards)

P.S NO cheating or NO help from your family!

DEBATE- What position in football is the most important?


Hello People, I just want to start a healthy debate off…so my question to you is ‘What position in football is the most important?’. Remember to give your reasons and make sure you respect everyone else’s opinions. Also, remember to use your reply button when addressing someone else’s comment, that way it is easier for others to view who may be following you. Happy debating….

Class Assembly – IKEA


Just want to say a massive well done to everyone for your amazing efforts you showed during the class assembly on Friday, I was absolutely blown away by your performance and I’m sure the rest of the school were too. It is taking part in things like this that builds your confidence in life and it’s good putting yourself into situations where you find your self facing your fears. School is not just about maths and literacy,it is about building life skills that you will help you tackle problems in the future. Drama and performing arts are a key part of character building and I’m glad that everyone gave their 100% into their performance. What did your parents think of the assembly? What did they like the best? What was the funniest? Which parts did you guys enjoy the most? What could we have done diffently if we were to do it again to make it better? It’s good to evaluate our performance so we can build on our learning.



Both of these signs mean the same thing….but what do they mean?



What after school or lunch time clubs would you like to see happening at Manor Primary School? Let me know so I can make your dreams a reality.



Can you find the word DOG in the wordsearch above? Good luck.



If you were to organise your own school trip,where would you go and why?

Optical Illusions –


I found these cool optical illusions online. See if you find hem interesting.


Fruit Wordsearch


How many of the fruits can you find in this word search?

Scandinavian Countries FLAG QUIZ


Can you match these flags to a Scandinavian Country. Use an atlas to help you.

Colour of flag

  1. Blue and Yellow
  2. Blue, White and Red (red background)
  3. Red and White
  4. Blue and White
  5. Red, White and Blue (Blue background)

Leave your answers in the comments below.

Spot the Difference


Can you spot the main differences in these two pictures. Leave your answer in the comments  below.

Can you find a path through this maze?


I found this difficult maze and thought of you. Can you find a path through it? You may want to print it out to make it a little easier. Good Luck.

Favourite Lesson of the week


Every Friday I would like us to reflect on our week in school. What was your favourite lesson this week and why? What made it be your favourite? Leave your comments below people.

Goal of the Week…which ones your favourite?


Follow the link for some inspiration…Let me know how you get on.


How many triangles are there in this picture? Bonus point if you can spot the spelling mistake.


What do you want to be when you are older and why?


Linking with PSHE and our aspiration work, I would like to know what you want to be when you are old enough to work. Remember to give a reason and to think about the skills you are good at. I know most boys want to be footballers, but think about what you may want to be if your dream of becoming a footballer doesn’t come true.

What’s your Favourite World Cuisine?


Nightingales' favourite world cuisine!

Just out of interest, I want to know which world cuisine is your favourite. I have given you a choice from the most popular 5 varieties. Please let me know.

If you won £1 million, what would you do with the money and why?


Just wanted to know what you guys would do if you received £1 million. Remember to give a reason for your answer.

Best Joke Competition


Hello Nightingale, I hope you are having a good evening and are behaving yourselves. I’m starting a Joke competition so make sure you post your funniest Jokes in the comments below. The person who makes me laugh out loud the most will win some chocolate. Ask your friends and family to get involved too. There will be one girl winner and one boy winner, who will be chosen on Monday 25th September, good luck people.

Hello world!


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Commit these tips to memory and then delete them. They will self-destruct anyway if this blog exhibits any signs of being boring.

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